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Koushik Dutta born and raised in Dhubulia, WB. He lives in Dhubulia with his parents. He likes long walks in the city, blooging, and tweeting. He has published this blog for over a time and keeps meaning to write more. You can follow him on Twitter.

He is a technology lover and business blogger. Besides business he writes a few on various management topics. His blog address is blog.ekoushik.com.

He is currently doing Master of Business Administration (Marketing) final year student, from School of Management Sciences, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur with national and international publications.

He always wants to grow and develop with society and environment. He believes in Balancing Theory.

His thought about the environment and society is
"We are the elements of this great earth and as a Human Being we always taking various elements from this environment. We always tried to develop ourselves but hardly we have done so. Develop does not stand for self developing, develop with others and all. We are taking culture, education etc.. from this society and Oxigen, Water, Light etc.. from the Environment. Have any one of us ever tried to return something to the society and environment to full the gap. Never, ever we have tried, because we are selfish. We only think about us, not about sustainability. As we are not the last generation in world, so there is our beloved future generation. We must think about them. Grow and develop with all."